Creation & Implementation

Companies are operating in
increasingly dynamic markets

Technological advances or entirely new technologies are posing a threat to existing business models. New rivals are entering into competition with established market players. A fundamental change in social values is leading to changes in buying behaviour.

These and other external influences are causing companies to find themselves in change situations within increasingly shorter cycles. These situations need to be coped with by taking to some extent drastic adjustment action, in order to exploit any growth opportunities that present themselves or to avoid or deal with corporate crises.

CENTUROS is your business partner in change situations

Change situations require consistent and rapid action. We have many years of experience in growth and crisis situations and know what needs to be done in these kinds of circumstances. Our extensive know-how, the high quality of consultancy we offer and our great passion for challenging assignments make us the partner you can rely on to provide you with the support you need. The starting point for the work we do is a fast, accurate analysis of your company’s as-is situation. We devise a specific as well as practically relevant roadmap together with you and back it up with detailed action plans. We are happy to mentor you through implementation phases to enable your company to emerge invigorated from any change situation.

& Implementation

Fine-tuning strategy

Together with you, we evaluate current market trends in terms of their opportunities and risks. We determine your market positioning and analyse the relevant market mechanisms. We jointly identify your company’s USPs in order to devise a tailor-made corporate strategy. In this respect we consider an in-depth digitalisation strategy to be a component of corporate strategy.

Optimizing business processes

One key to maintaining competitiveness lies in continuous optimisation of business processes. By applying suitable methods, we examine and document your company‘s core, support and management processes and illustrate potential improvements. Jointly with you, CENTUROS devises the appropriate measures to increase your company’s profitability and reduce capital lockup in net current assets, based on slimmed-down, optimised processes.

Increasing transparency

Business decisions must always be made on the best possible foundations in order to avoid bad decisions. We help you to create the optimum data and information basis for successful corporate management. Our high-performance tools enable us to analyse large quantities of data quickly and comprehensively. This means we can gain new insights and derive action options. Our integrated planning tools ensure a high degree of planning certainty and a strong foundation that enables your company to perform and evolve. Internal and external contact persons require maximum possible transparency in change situations. CENTUROS has a proven track record of implementing informative reporting systems for internal and external recipients.

Ensuring transformation

We devise viable action plans based on our analyses. These can only be implemented successfully if acceptance and therefore commitment levels, especially among your employees, are high. That is why we ensure early-stage inclusion of all those<br /> involved in a project. We provide active support to help you implement recommended action, should you require it. Our agile project management system enables us to ensure consistent, sustainable implementation.

Securing funding

Uncertain situations can limit the room for manoeuvre that traditional funding partners have and therefore hamper the maintenance of your company’s liquidity. We are in a position to secure funding for your company, based on the compelling concepts we come up with. In this respect, traditional bank loans as well as alternative forms of funding can be utilised. CENTUROS is highly skilled at monitoring and conducting complex funding negotiations.