Mergers & Acquisitions

M & A is a fundamentally important
corporate management tool in
all phases of a company’s life

Planning succession

The successful transition of a company to the next generation is one of the key – and often the most complex – issues facing medium-sized companies. An unresolved succession can at worst put the company’s existence at risk. We have helped various family-run businesses implement their succession plans. In this regard we have actioned a range of different internal and external solutions (e.g. MBO, MBI, Private Equity) jointly with the companies concerned.

Buying & selling companies

Corporate transactions are an important component of the strategic development of companies. CENTUROS mentors you through the process of buying or selling companies‚not just in change situations. We support you in this important step and have excellent references and an excellent network.

Selling divisions

The strategic realignment of a company can result in non-strategic business units or subsidiaries being disposed of. We have played a key role in many successful demergers. The sales proceeds from these transactions can be an elementary means of funding a company’s strategic realignment.

Distressed M & A (Buy Side & Sell Side)

When an investor joins a company’s shareholder body in a change situation, this is often a positive step that ensures the continued existence of the company. In such cases speed and balancing the interests of individual stakeholders in particular are important factors in ensuring the success of any transaction. CENTUROS is a market leader in this highly specialised segment and has transacted numerous sales of companies in a range of very different industries on both the buy and sell sides.

Speed is a key factor in
Distressed M & A projects

M&A transactions generally take 6 to 9 months to complete, depending on the complexity of the object of the transaction. In change situations the M&A process needs to be concluded considerably faster. The time available for the transaction process is influenced to a considerable degree by the availability of liquidity, which is required to maintain business operations continuity.

In bankruptcy proceedings there are basically three possible courses of action (restructuring by transfer, insolvency plan, liquidation), the commercial and legal limitations and opportunities of which need to be factored into and compared within the transaction process. CENTUROS has extensive restructuring and transaction experience and can therefore assist you with executing your transaction.

Top league table
in rankings

As a financial advisor on sell-side M&A transactions in bankruptcy situations, CENTUROS regularly occupies top industry league table positions.

With more than 30 consultants at four locations in Germany, CENTUROS has an effective structure that enables it to implement very short-term processes.

Small cap all German deals 2020

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Germany Bankruptcy League 2018


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Germany Bankruptcy League 2016


Centuros is the acknowledged
specialist in crisis- and
bankruptcy-related M & A

We have extensive restructuring and financial recovery know-how, which enables us to design any transaction process to be equally transparent from an investor and from an official receiver/creditor committee perspective as regards the available restructuring approaches to be taken. In view of time restrictions, industry-specific features and bankruptcy law parameters, rapid identification of possible investors at home and abroad and targeted structuring and execution of the transaction are the keys to the success of any M&A process.

network & references

The success of any M&A transaction essentially depends on making the right approach to potential investors. Rapid identification of possible investors at home and abroad as well as targeted structuring and execution of the transaction are the keys to the success of any M&A process.

To ensure this happens and at the same time that it approaches the right investors, CENTUROS partners with an international network of M&A consultancies that possess excellent knowledge of regional markets and facilitate contact with potential investors worldwide.