Deutsche R+S Dienstleistungsgruppe group saved – Thelen group secures 2,540 jobs


Deutsche R+S Dienstleistungsgruppe group saved – Thelen group secures 2,540 jobs

Since the company was founded in 1912, Deutsche R + S Dienstleistungen has established itself as one of the leading service providers for real estate in Germany. In the more than 100-year history of the company, the group has grown to 12 locations and most recently employed around 2,540 people. On April 5, 2019, the district court in Hanover ordered preliminary insolvency proceedings, which opened on June 1, 2019.

Together with the management of the R + S Dienstleistungsgruppe, the BBL team around the insolvency administrators Sandra Weimann and Justus von Buchwaldt were able to stabilize and successfully continue business operations. In order to secure the future in the long term, the aim was to sell the company group as part of an M&A process. The primary goal of the transaction was to preserve jobs and business operations.

Centuros exclusively accompanied the M&A process and was able to successfully support the R + S Dienstleistungsgruppe in the sale process. A suitable investor was found in the Thelen Group in September 2020. As part of an insolvency plan, the Essen-based family company is taking over the operating companies and real estate of the R + S Dienstleistungsgruppe- the 2,540 jobs are thus preserved.

We are pleased that we were able to support the Deutsche R + S Dienstleistungsgruppe together with BBL Brockdorff & Partner in their search for investors and wish the Thelen Group and the employees they have taken on every success for the future.


BBL Brockdorff & Partner Rechtsanwälte

Sandra Weimann (insolvency administrator R + S Nuremberg and Leipzig)

Justus von Buchwaldt (insolvency administrator R + S GmbH & Co. KG and administration and investment company)

Christoph von Billerbeck

Rouven Quick

Christoph Weber


Carlos Rodrigues (Partner)

Timo Weber (Consultant)