Lamparter sold to Thelen Group


Lamparter sold to Thelen Group

Lamparter GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 1947 as a steel construction company. Originally coming from heavy steel construction, Lamparter now offers among others the planning and implementation of high-quality, filigree and transparent steel-glass constructions. Lamparter manufactures sophisticated functional structures made of steel and glass for building construction at home and abroad.

With around 80 employees, Lamparter is incorporated in the Thelen Group as part of a share deal. The Thelen Group encompassing over 700 employees, around 30 subsidiaries in the field of construction, planning and management of real estate and various cooperations, aims at creating sustainable buildings, industrial parks and districts with intelligent and innovative concepts develop and implement.

With the focus on sustainability and quality of life while integrating the latest technology, construction and infrastructure, the Thelen Group seeks to expand its existing long-term business relationships and convince new customers.

The Thelen Group will continue to run Lamparter as an independent subsidiary. The managing directors and owners of Lamparter Heika and Klaus Hartmann will continue to run the company together with the Thelen Group.

We are pleased that we were able to support Lamparter in its search for investors and wish the Thelen Group and Lamparter continuous success for the future.

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