Dolzer – custom tailor rescued


Dolzer – custom tailor rescued

Many still remember their Dolzer confirmation suit.

The consortium, founded in 1963, runs 18 stores in Germany, employs 70 people in the holding company and 150 additional sales persons in its subsidiaries. Despite the consequences of the government‘s current corona measures, the protective shield proceeding initiated at the end of September 2019 could be lifted after a very short period of time on March 20, 2020.

We are pleased to have found an investor for Dolzer in a so-called „dual track process“ – under great time pressure. During the entire process, Centuros acted as business management support, provided intensive support for the self-administration and reported promptly and transparently to the trustee and the creditors‘ committee. Also after the protective shield proceeding, we further accompany Dolzer through the Corona crisis and advise the company on urgent financial matters.

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